Bark Potty - All Natural Disposable Pet Potty

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Bark Potty is a comfortable-to-use tray meant to mimic the outdoors in your home. Made with real bark, Bark Potty contains natural smells that entice your pup to go. The tray is lined to stop liquids from seeping through and the proprietary bark is naturally antimicrobial. Like cedar and other woods it inhibits odour causing bacteria.

Just one of Bark Potty lasts up to a month and replaces an incredible 60 pee pads! Once you are done the pad can safely be recycled. Bark Potty is shelf stable and able to be stored for long periods of time. 

Bark Potty is an eco-friendly pee pad option that is ideal for indoors, balconies & porches, puppies, aging dogs and apartment living. The company uses responsibly sourced, FSC certified bark and are proud to be in the top 20 companies recognized by The Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC).



  • Naturally Antimicrobial & Anti Smell
  • Handy Poop Bag Storage Built In 
  • Mesh to Keep the Bark Inside
  • All Natural & Recyclable
  • Replaces Up To 60 Pee Pads


Size: Standard 26"x24" | Large 20"x30"

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