Molly Mutt - Dog Bed Cover - Carefree

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100% cotton dog bed duvet covers to re-cover your existing dog bed mattress or create a comforting, sustainable dog bed with the extra blankets, pillows & clothes from around your home.

Easy zip means the zipper is on the long side.

  • 100% cotton canvas
  • zero harsh chemicals
  • machine washable



small 22" 27" 5" 15-30 lbs
med/large 27" 36" 5" 30-70 lbs
huge 36" 45" 5" 70-120+ lbs



  1. wash in cold water with a mild detergent
  2. don't let items soak for a long period after the wash
  3. tumble dry on the low or warm heat setting
  • Avoid shrinking: don't leave items to sit in the washer (or soak) for an extended period of time. this can cause cotton—even preshrunk—to shrink.
  • Avoid fading/discolouration: please read our list of detergent ingredients to avoid, as they can cause premature fading and discolouring.
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