Molly Mutt - Crate Cover - Heat Wave

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With a molly mutt dog crate cover you can transform your pup's wire crate from an eyesore to a statement piece that matches any room in your home. no need to hide your crate anymore! we have 8 sizes that perfectly cover wire dog crates from 24" to 48".
  • breathable 100% cotton canvas
  • short & long side panels roll up
  • snaps keep panels open or closed
  • no toxic chemicals ever!
size L W H
24 inches 24" 18" 21"
30 x 21 inches 30" 21" 24"
36 x 24 inches 36" 24" 27"
42 inches 42" 28" 31"
48 inches 48" 30" 33" 


  1. Wash in cold water with a mild detergent
  2. Remove items from washer immediately
  3. Hang the item or lay flat to dry
  • Avoid shrinking: don't leave items to sit in the washer (or soak) for an extended period of time. this can cause cotton—even preshrunk—to shrink.
  • Avoid fading/discoloration: please read our list of detergent ingredients to avoid, as they can cause premature fading and discoloring.
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