Foufou Brands - Holiday Snuffle Ornament

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Foufou Brand's Snuffle Ornament nosework toys are a festive twist on the snuffle balls! Great as a stocking stuffer. Shaped like a ball, dogs can enjoy rolling it around or playing fetch with it as well as searching for treats within them. The strap makes it easy to toss around. Perfect for keeping your dog occupied and engaged, while learning how to effectively use their nose and getting rewarded with tasty treats along the way!

  • Keeps your dog busy and occupied
  • Encourages stimulation of all their senses
  • Helps to relieve separation anxiety
  • Interactive and fun
  • Improves your dog's cognition

Difficulty Level: Beginner

*NOTE: Please use this toy for nosework and treat foraging only. Once treats have been found, remove toy to preserve longevity of toy.

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