Faim Museau - Duck Necks - 3 pack

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Between walks to the park, naps, and mealtimes, your pet needs stimulation to pass the time. Recreational bones are a fantastic way to keep your loyal sidekick busy and entertained. Plus, they’re tasty as can be and great for your pet’s oral health.

For cats and small and medium-sized dogs.

Format: pack of 3 necks



duck neck


At home, it's important to always store raw bones in the freezer and thaw them one at a time. Remember to take the bone out a few minutes before offering it to your dog. If it has not eaten it all up, it is possible to refreeze it only once in a small airtight bag. Also make sure to never leave your dog's bone lying around for days as when it dries out it becomes very brittle and dangerous for your pet.

  • Offer 1 to 2 times a week in addition to a healthy and natural diet.
  • Always supervise your companion when offering a recreational bone.
  • Avoid contact with carpets or any surface that is not stain proof.


Raw recreational bones are a relaxing way to pass the time while exercising. The simple act of chewing helps your pet build a stronger spine and a more muscular neck.

The recreational bones even indulged like a toothbrush by removing plaque and providing fresher breath for your dog.


The size of the bone is a very important criterion when it comes to choosing a bone for your companion. If it can swallow it whole, it is a sign that it is too small. Check that the bone matches his chewing ability and the size of his mouth.


*Keep Frozen. Make sure to wash hands and kitchenware when coming into contact with raw meat.

**always supervise your dog when they're chewing bones and take away pieces that are too small too chew to prevent swallowing

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