Faim Museau - Dog Bath & Massage Brush - Pearl Grey

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Faim Museau's modern and elegant massage brash will be your new favourite tool for your dog’s grooming and well-being. With its soft silicone bristles, it provides a deep clean while massaging your furry companion, offering a moment of relaxation fit for a canine spa.

Don’t be jealous—human adults and children can also use it!



  1. Bathe your dog in warm water, avoiding their eyes and ears.
  2. Scrub them thoroughly with shampoo, lather and massage deeply with the Faim Museau Bath and Massage Brush.
  3. Rinse clean with water, focusing on the folds and hard-to-reach areas.
  4. Dry with a towel or hair dryer on medium.
  5. Brush your dog with preferably a natural bristle brush.
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