Black Sheep Organics - Allergy Free Shampoo - 8oz

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Made with natural or organic ingredients available, this is one of the mildest shampoos we've ever used, and it's truly unscented. It's hypo-allergenic for the most sensitive of skins. 

  • BIO-DEGRADABLE: A healthy planet is a passion of Black Sheep, so They have made sure all of their products are completely bio-degradable, meaning when their shampoo goes down your drain, it won't harm any wildlife as it makes it's way to our lakes, rivers and oceans. The fish and whales will surely thank you! Bio-degradable also means you can take it camping with you and have a fun bath in the river!



  • Coconut oil* - makes for a thoroughly cleansing soap
  • Olive oil* - lends an incomparable gentleness
  • Sunflower oil* - lends an incomparable gentleness
  • Shea butter - for a soft coat
  • Glycerin - for moisturizing
  • Citric acid - a thickener and pH balancer
  • Mild vegetable preservatives - paraben free
  • Rosemary extract* - a preservative
  • Aloe vera* - for healthy skin
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