COLLAR - Puller - Exercise Ring for Dogs

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PULLER is a new dog sport based on exercises with PULLER that incorporate both running and jumping.

**not a chew toy**

Running: a dog has to catch the moving PULLER ring a maximum number of times in 90 secs and return it to the owner.

Jumping: a dog has to jump and grab the PULLER ring a maximum number of times in 90 secs. The advantage of Dog Puller over other sports is that any dog can succeed in it, from the smallest to the giants of the canine world. It does not require additional equipment and special training. All you need for a good start is a dog, two PULLER rings and a great mood.

Dog Puller championships are held in different countries all over the world including Canada, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, The Czech Republic and more.

  • 20 minute training with PULLER = 5 km/3 mi running. 
  • Floats!
  • Made of soft material that are harmless to your dog's teeth & gums
  • Due to the materials lightweight composition even small dogs and puppies can easily carry PULLER in their teeth. 

PULLER is represented by five different sizes. Therefore, each owner can choose the most suitable size of PULLER for every dog breed.


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