Happy Chew - Collagen Stick - 12"

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Ideal for dogs +20 lbs/+9 kg (medium chewer)

Collagen is a chewing stick that lasts longer than a bully stick while being less greasy and easily digestible!

Our collagen stick comes from the inner layer of beef skin, called the dermis, which contains 95% of collagen. Collagen is a protein that serves as a glue to hold your dog's entire body together. It is known to help maintain healthy bones, joints and tendons, improve digestive problems and improve the appearance of the coat.

Our collagen sticks are also a great treat to keep your dog busy, stimulate endorphin release and satisfy his need to chew. Each stick is hand weighed to ensure the quality of your purchase. 


  • Lasts up to 20% longer than a bully stick of the same weight
  • Does not stick or crumble 
  • Helps clean your dog's teeth
  • Reduces anxiety and calms your dog
  • Helps improve joint pain
  • 1 single ingredient (dehydrated beef skin)
  • 100% natural, chemical free
  • High protein (75%) and low fat (-1%) treat
  • Low odor for indoor use
  • Produced in Canada and Turkey

WEIGHT: 30-50g (for medium chewer)

SHELF LIFE: 1 year in a cool, dry place


*always supervise your dog when they're chewing bones and take away pieces that are too small too chew to prevent swallowing

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