Faim Museau - Os - Smelts/Éperlans - 250g

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Smelts are jam-packed with essential fatty acids. You’ll also find vitamins and minerals that help your dog’s organs function properly and keep their coat silky smooth!Omega-3s help reduce inflammation, improve skin and coat health, and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.Minerals, like calcium, contribute to bone and muscle strength and support the heart’s contractions. Smelts are also a good source of thiamin and riboflavin, vitamins essential for the growth, development, and functioning of all muscles. Their small size is ideal for small dogs or even cats.Of course, large dogs can also benefit from eating smelts. Offer them as a treat, as an addition to a natural diet, or as a garnish on your pet’s food!

Format: 250g



Whole Smelts



It’s important to always keep smelt in the freezer. Don’t forget to take them out a few minutes before offering them to your dog. Avoid contact with carpets or any surface that isn’t stain-proof.

Cut the smelt into small pieces if you have a small dog or cat. It’s recommended to incorporate smelt gradually into your pet’s diet. Start by offering a small piece and if all goes well, increase the quantity.



*Keep Frozen. Make sure to wash hands and kitchenware when coming into contact with raw meat.

**always supervise your dog when they're chewing bones and take away pieces that are too small too chew to prevent swallowing

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