Dog Inspired - Puppy Life Skills By: Katherine Davidson

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Katherine Davidson aka:Dog Inspired is considered Montreal's Puppy Expert! Offering virtual puppy classes, one on ones, free webinars and so much more, so that people and their new puppies (or adult dogs) can live a happier, more cohesive existence. 

Their Puppy Life Skills e-book is the ultimate guide! Packed with professional trainer tips and tricks, giving you all the information you need to raise your puppy. From choosing your puppy, setting up your home, socialization and training, their book has you covered!


✓ Checklists

✓ Training plans

✓ Myth busting

✓ Socialization challenges

✓ Life skills

Chapter 1: Before bringing puppy home

Chapter 2: Raising a happy, confident puppy

Chapter 3: The essential puppy life skills

Chapter 4: Creating good habits early

Chapter 5: Puppy biting

Chapter 6: House training

Chapter 7: Alone time training

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