Vita Nutrition Animale - Fermented Veggies - 450g

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They are much easier to digest than fresh vegetables. The fermentation process not only produces probiotics, but also produces vitamins and enzymes!

Whole food is better than synthetic supplement because it is already active and more likely to survive the stomach and colonize the intestines with good bacterias.

According to studies comparing the benefits of fresh vegetables vs. fermented vegetables, fermented veggies are the healthiest and most efficient way to supplement your dog’s diet with vegetation!


Feeding guide

For dogs who:

  • Have a fragile digestive system
  • Are older
  • Are convalescing
  • Are gestating/suckling
  • Are healthy adults
  • Are young and growing

30 g per 25 kg of weight



green cabbage, zucchinis, brocoli, carrots, salt



  • Before opening : see freshness date (best before) on the jar. Store at room temperature in a dry place away from light.
  • Once opened : can be stored in the fridge for up to 15 days.
  • Non pasteurized


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